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Julian Rouas Paris is now offering clientelle the option of creating their own Private Label Fragrances. They have the ability to create specific designed scents for special niche markets and projects. Client will be able to work with Julian Rouas, glass factory in Parma, Italy and alongside our Nose who works inside our private laboratory in Grasse, France. Client can customize their own eco friendly scent and glass design. There are many options for customizable glass design such as a completely new model design which customer will own the rights too or an already designed glass mold. Now to decorate the glass; there are many options such as frosted imaging and text on bottle, decorating image on bottle, photographic imaging,etc are only few of the options available.


Scent design begins with a vision, research, creativity and then development. Fragrance packaging to complete the entire look and feel of the project is an important element to finishing the Private Label fragrance project. JRP is associates with the Osmotec in Paris (library of fragrances) so they can develop using the most elaborate concepts; to retrieve and recreate the scents of the past to bring them to the present with many years of experience to support their art of creation. Whether you are looking to do a line of fragrances for selected stores or just your own personal line of fragrances; Julian Rouas Paris has the expertise and capability to take your vision and capture your special moment in time inside of a bottle. Fragrances are like wine; they get better with time and there is no expiration date. Contact for your free consultation.

Julian f rouas ...founder designer jrp collection paris
Pascal faucanie ....tresor jrp collection paris
Stephane remus manager jrpcollection paris
Thomas barrel ....secretary jrp collection paris


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Nathanael benlolo paris
Alen kervorian ..director jrp collection paris website
Mrs emily palmer Assistante spoke modele jrp collection paris


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